Brazil to give 5 year multi visa to Pak businessmen: Alfredo Leoni


ISLAMABAD, JULY 30 (DNA) – The ambassador of Brazil Alferdo Leoni said on Wednesday his country had announced special visa regime for Pakistani businessmen and from now onwards they will get 5 years multiple visa. The Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan, Alfredo Leoni, announced on a press conference on Wednesday, the confirmation of the granting of 5 year multiple entry Visa for Pakistani businesspeople going for business in Brazil.

The same benefit will be offered to Brazilian businesspeople doing business in Pakistan.

This new Visa policy was confirmed after the exchange of Notes between H.E Alfredo Leoni and Naghmana Hashmi, Additional Secretary for Americas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Tuesday, July 30th.

With this new agreement, both countries are hoping to increase their economic and trade relations. Brazil, the 6th largest economy of the world, is the largest commercial partner of Pakistan in Latin America, and the balance of commerce between the two countries reached almost 285million US dollars in 2012.

Pakistan’s exports to Brazil increased by more than 100% from the year 2009 to 2012 (from 44 million US dollars to 92 million US dollars in 2012). Major Brazilian exports to Pakistan include cotton, fuel pumps, plastic, iron and steel, tobacco, pulp, among others, while major Pakistani exports to Brazil include textile items, surgical items, Soccer balls,

manicure instruments etc.

On his talk with journalists, Ambassador Alfredo Leoni also mentioned the potential markets for the bilateral trade. Among the products, he cited: poultry meat; agricultural machinery; orange juice; tea, mate and spices; coffee derived products; auto parts; textiles and garments; leather goods; marble and granites; sports gear; fans and wood handicraft.

He also stressed that Brazil and Pakistan could be working together in different areas, through joint-ventures and joint-research, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, poultry production, telecommunications and


Brazil is a very important destination for investments, being one of the countries that attracted more foreign direct investment in the last decade. Not only Brazilian industrial sector is booming, but also the private equity, telecommunications, tourism, civil construction and biotechnology sectors are offering great revenues for investors. Pakistanis could also be a part of this movement, and profit from the Brazilian development.

Ambassador Leoni also shared some of the activities that will be developed by the Brazilian Embassy in the second half of 2013. Among them, is a Gastronomy Festival that will take place at Marriott Hotel, from September 21st to 24th; the launching of a space at the library of Quaid-i-Azam University, with more than 300 books about Brazil, in October; and a photo exhibition about Islam.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Additional Secretary (Americas) Mrs. Naghmana A. Hashmi and Ambassador of Brazil Mr. Alfred Leoni exchanged notes on grant of multiple-entry visa for businessmen with an extended validity of up to five years, on the basis of reciprocity Tuesday in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Both sides declared this as a very constructive and fruitful development, which would boost direct trade and investment between Pakistan and Brazil.

The visa facility would help create an enabling environment for the businesspersons desirous of visiting respective countries for commercial activities. It will also promote and strengthen bilateral trade and economic relations between the two countries.=DNA