Keeping Humanity Alive….

Keeping Humanity Alive….

Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari

International Red Cross Red Crescent Day is celebrated on May 8 every year around the world to honor the humanitarian works and humanitarian principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. Immediately after World War I, the world needed peace and stability. In 1934, at the 15th International Conference in Tokyo, the Armistice Report was presented by the Red Cross, which laid down principles for the protection of the wounded during war. The day is dedicated to those who suffer from food shortages, natural disasters, tragedies, war as well as epidemics, the day highlights the humanitarian values ​​of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. On this day, basic facilities are provided to those populations who are really in need. On the other hand, this day is also the birthday of “Henry Dunant”, the founder of the Red Cross. This day is of great importance as it is a day to pay tribute to the services provided by the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement worldwide for the survival and sustainability of humanity.

Under my supervision various events were organized by Pakistan Red Crescent throughout the week in connection with the International Red Cross Red Crescent Day. This year the theme of the International Day has been “Keeping Humanity Alive”. Under my leadership, the services of Pakistan Red Crescent for the flood sufferers got a new identity for Pakistan. We are a nation struggling with natural calamities and tragedies. We have flexibility. With such flexibility, we are ready to face another difficulty after suffering one problem. We are suffering from lack of resources, but we are not discouraged.

Model homes are being built for the homeless,for public facilities, toilets are being constructed in the affected districts, provision of livelihood is in full swing, and Red Crescent has distributed buffaloes and loader rickshaws for household support. The efforts of Pakistan Red Crescent have spread awareness, self-help and volunteering spirit. Pakistan Red Crescent has promoted the humanitarian spirit, building an ideal humanitarian society and highlighting the efforts of Red Cross.

On the occasion of Red Crescent Day, the first event was organized under the title of Art and Painting Competition among the students of the school.This event was visible in the F9 Park. Apart from more than four hundred students, Red Crescent staff, support staff and volunteers also participated in this competition. This healthy activity was supported by two members jewery, guest of honor, CDA authorities, school administrations and IFRC Head of delegation received a warm welcome.

The second event showcased the timely response of Pakistan Red Crescent during any kind of catastrophe. It was called the First Aid Simulation Exercise. The third event was called “Kindness Challenge”. INthis initiative, fruit baskets and gifts (toys) were distributed to the children under treatment in Hospital, for old age homes, orphanages.

Garbage and plastic were cleaned from the Lake view park. Hundreds of cadets of Hassan abdal Cadet College along with Pakistan Red Crescent participated in cleanliness campaign.The next day, tree planting was also done on the left side of faiz Abad Murree road.About two hundred and fifty saplings were planted.

A record number of people donated blood at the blood donation camp under Pakistan Red Crescent Regional Blood Donors Center at FAST University. An event was held at the Fatima Jinnah Auditorium of the National Headquarters on waste segregation, reduce, reuse and recycle initiatives. In addition to the awareness, the participants were also provided with information about the clean city project. By making the aforementioned events possible from May 2 to May 8, the PRCS raised its name in the national societies around the world. Similarly, the four provincial Branches including Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Tribal Areas (FATA) branch also celebrated the International Day in a grand manner.

International Red Cross Red Crescent Day reminds us of the importance of compassion, love, love, and help to others. The day also upholds the organizational principles, mission, values ​​and activities. I appeal to the youth of my beloved country that there is a blood donation campaign, or public awareness programs or first aid teaching sessions, you all should actively participate in them.

Pakistan Red Crescent organizes various events throughout the year for the promotion of healthy activities. International Red Cross Red Crescent Day is celebrated on May 8 every year around the world. This time Red Crescent has kept the youth busy for a whole week with service to humanity, blood donation, environmental protection, first aid, tree planting and cleanliness campaign. Go ahead. Support thePakistan Red Crescent for a humanitarian society.