Brazilian Playwright and Historian Prof. Guiomar de Grammont visits Lahore for inspiring talks

Brazilian Playwright

LAHORE, MAY 10 /DNA/ – At the initiative of the Embassy of Brazil and of the Embassy of Portugal, together with the support of Instituto Guimaraes Rosa and Instituto Camoes, Prof. Guiomar de Grammont; accompanied by Olyntho Vieira, Ambassador of Brazil, and Frederico Silva, Ambassador of Portugal; will participate in two main cultural sessions in Lahore.

On 11th May Saturday 11:00, an interactive talk co-organized with the Aga Khan Cultural Service – Pakistan. Main topics include History and Art, Heritage Preservation, UNESCO classified sites in Pakistan, Portugal and Brazil.

Later same day there will be another interactive talk at 16:00 co-organized with the Lahore Literary Council.

Main topics will include Portuguese Language around the world, Literatures of Lusophone Countries, Literary Festivals in Pakistan, Portugal and Brazil, literary work of Guiomar de Grammont.

Guiomar de Grammont, from Ouro Preto, is a renowned author, poet, dramaturg, historian, and professor. With a PhD in Brazilian Literature from USP, as an author she has been a recipient of the Casa de Las Americas Award and the Pen-Club National Award, amongst others.

As a playwright, she has staged seven plays in Brazil, including “Olympia” which toured all over Latin America and Europe.

Former executive editor of National Fiction at Record. Prof. Guiomar has curated multiple global book festivals including Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Lisbon, and Paris.

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