Waves of inflation not decrease

Waves of inflation not decrease

PESHAWAR, MAY 05 (DNA) —The waves of inflation in the vegetable and fruit markets did not decrease as garlic hit an all-time high and is being sold at 750 per kilogram, while the price of ginger has also increased to 680 per kg.

During a visit to the vegetable and fruit markets, the rates of various food items are increasing, including onion (240, tomato (120, garlic (750 and ginger (680) being sold per kilogram. The prices of potatoes 140 white, potatoes 260 red, green pepper 120, bell pepper 70, eggplant 100, cauliflower 160, okra 260 rupees, and lemon 500 kilos are being sold.

The prices of fruits in the local market increased to double: apple 400, pomegranate 460, malta 320, blackberry 240, and pomegranate 330, while bananas cost 210 rupees per dozen sold. The price of live chicken has increased by Rs. 30 and now reaches Rs. 465 per kg. The price of a dozen eggs in the market is Rs 310. — DNA