US state department report substantiates PTI’s submissions, as lawlessness pervades in Pakistan



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership stated that the 100-page starling US state department report on grave human rights abuses in Pakistan substantiated PTI’s submissions, as lawlessness and fascism pervaded in the country during the past two years, demanding that Chief Justice of Pakistan to fulfill his legal and constitutional obligations to rein in the reign of tyranny or else leave the position instantly.

Addressing a press conference, they made it clear that they wanted to live in a democratic Pakistan envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam, where rule of law and constitutional supremacy reign supreme as they did not want to live in the Hitler and Mussolini’s Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference along with PTI senator Walid Iqbal and Advocate Abuzar Salman Niazi, PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan said that the US 2023 Country Report highlighted serious human rights violations in Pakistan, including extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, privacy, lack of fair trial, disappearance of journalists, serious restrictions on internet freedom; substantial interference with the freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association, torture, inhumane treatment with a lack of accountability etc.

He said that a culture of lawlessness pervaded in the country, as no one freedom, dignity and respect and sanctity of four walls were safe from state goons.

Raoof went on to say that there was two powers of which one could be seen but was powerless and a dummy, while another was unseen but it was actual power; however, it was working like shadow.

He lamented that there was de facto martial law in the country as there was no democracy because only the orders of shadow powers were implemented and no one even could challenge them.

Raoof demanded that the judges should find remedy to the deeply rooted malady in the country instead of shying away of their constitutional obligations.

He stressed the CJP to perform his duty lawfully and should not act like a bystander and fix the long-delayed PTI’s various petitions for hearing and ensure rule of law or else leave the office.

 Speaking on the occasion, Senator Walid Iqbal said that the report was very important because it covered the entire period after the regime change, thus it was a damning assessment on the performance of the PDM, caretaker regime and the unseen power-wielders.

He said that the universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) was adopted by the newly established United Nations on 10 December 1948, which set some minimum standards covering human dignity, privacy, freedom, sanctity of four walls that was included in Pakistani constitution as well.

However, he said that out of the 100 pages, 50 pages contained of human rights violations, dignity and abuses with special mentioned of PTI leaders and workers, who were subjected to custodial torture.

Walid stated that even death of individuals occurred in custodial torture, which was a crime under section 302 of the penal code that carried the death penalty, but constitution and law violators mighty remained unpunished hitherto.

He highlighted that even the report mentioned instances wherein police unlawfully raided without having warrants the houses of PTI leaders and supporters and it was said that the protectors of citizens in uniform even stole precious items from homes in uniform.

Walid recalled that the fascist regime violated constitution but not conducting elections in the constitutionally mandated timeframe and denied fair trial and due process, which was evident in the case of Imran Khan, who was the only leader whose trial was conducted behind the closed door.

He made it clear that the country could only become super power if it adheres to the principles of law and constitution.

Speaking on the occasion, Advocate Abuzar Sulaman Niazi said that the US administration report summerised wide-spread and rampant human rights abuses and constitutional violation instances in the country, which substantiated all their submissions and contentions after regime change.

He said that there was no rule of law and constitution was sacrificed, besides compromising judicial independence.

PTI leader stated that its state responsibility to protect and safeguard right to life, right to freedom and right to liberty and the judiciary was the guardian of public rights but it miserably failed in performing its due duties.

He went on to say that enforced extrajudicial killing was rampant in the country, right to privacy, right against torture, right to dignity, freedom of expression and right to information violated with impunity.

Abuzar contented that free speech was the basic right but what happened to senior anchorperson Arshad Sharif, as even the SC did not fix his case of inhuman killing for hearing despite his mother hue and cry. Similarly, he added that what happened to Imran Riaz and Asad Toor.

He lamented that PTI was even denied right to peaceful assembly because it was not a democracy but a fascist regime, which did not have any regard and respect for constitution and law. He said that the puppet PM lacked public mandate; hence he could not appoint interior minister and IG of his own choice.

PTI leader saluted to six judges for taking a stand for upholding rule of law by exposing spy agencies’ meddling in judicial affairs through their letter but the CJP, who was the ultimate guardian of judiciary did nothing to safeguard judicial independence hitherto.

Abuzar revealed that around 700 MPO were issued in KP and 222 in Punjab against PTI leaders and supporters but only judge Babar Sattar took a stand against the unlawful order.

He made it clear that it was high time they have to choose whether to live with a civilized world which believed in rule of law or they stood with the world where there was kingship or authoritarian regime.

However, he stated: “We have to live in Quadi-e-Azam Pakistan, we have to live in democracy, as we don’t live in Hitler and Mussolini’s Pakistan.”