Tight security arrangements finalized for Eid

Tight security arrangements finalized for Eid

RAWALPINDI, APR 09 (DNA) —Rawalpindi District Police have finalized a foolproof security plan for Eid-ul-Fitr while over 2500 cops would be on duty outside 659 mosques, 76 imambargahs, and 77 open places to provide security to the worshippers, said a police spokesman.

He informed that 32 special pickets had been set up across the city, with over 450 officers on duty during Chand Raat to bolster the security measures. To tackle the issue of one-wheeling, over 300 officers from Rawalpindi district police and Traffic Police would also be on duty.

Moreover, a contingent of 500 Traffic Police Officers would be managing the city’s traffic flow to prevent congestion and ensure smooth movement. The security plan extends beyond prayer spaces, with 250 officers stationed at public places, parks, and approximately 300 at important cemeteries.

City Police Officer (CPO) Khalid Mehmood Hamdani directed that policemen deployed on security duty should have metal detectors with them to search the participants. Walk-through gates would be installed in important places where the events of Eid congregations to be held, he added.

He said that special directives have been passed on to police officials to ensure patrolling in their respective areas.  The CPO warned that negligence on the part of officials concerned would not be tolerated at any cost and strict departmental action would be taken against them.

He urged the public to cooperate with the police in curbing the elements and immediately inform the authorities after observing any suspicious movement in any area of the city.

The CPO said that the safety of life and property of the people is a priority of the police for which all resources are being utilized. Foolproof security would be ensured by using all possible resources, he added. — DNA