PTI rejects seven-member bench on judges’ letter, refreshes demand of full court

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ISLAMABAD, APR 1 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) vehemently rejected the seven-member larger bench of like-minded judges headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan to probe into the six judges’ letter documenting intelligence agencies’ interference in judicial affairs, demanding that the matter should be heard by the full court and the proceeding should be televised.

Speaking at a press conference along with former chief minister Gilgit-Baltistan Khalid Khurshid, PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan termed the suspension of PTI Chairman-for-life sentence in Thoshakhana case a ray of hope; however, he added that the sentence should have been quashed altogether since it was one of the around 200 frivolous, bogus and politically motivated cases based on political vendetta.

Raoof Hasan said that the full court should hear the letter saga and should such decision that no institution could ever dare to interfere in judiciary again.

He announced that the PTI would not accept the seven-member bench because the CJP Isa constituted the bench of like-minded judges to get decision of their choice, which, he said, PTI would not accept come what may.

He demanded that the matter should be investigated through full court and the court proceeding should be live telecasted, adding that judicial conference should also be convened; where all judges should be allowed to tell their stories.

Raoof went on to say that it would be travesty of law to task a person to form a commission to probe the matter in which he was a nominated accused, as the premier showed his intent during his meeting with former chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) Tassaduq Hussain Jillani as the former wanted a decision of his choice.

He noted that Jillani was a credible person and he took a right decision to recuse himself from heading a one-man inquiry commission to probe the interference by intelligence agencies in judicial affairs.

Raoof said that Jillani stated in the letter “Since the letter is addressed to the members of SJC and its chairman the chief justice of Pakistan, it would be violative of judicial propriety for me to inquire into a matter which may fall within the jurisdiction of a constitutional body which is the SJC or the Supreme Court of Pakistan itself,” he said.

PTI CIS stated that Jillani endorsed PTI’s stance because they were also advocating that it was a serious matter and were demanding an investigation through full court.

Raoof congratulated the legal fraternity and bar associations for their unified stance and hoped that they would exert pressure in the same way so as to take the issue to its logical ends.

He asserted that it was high time, the nation should take a united stand to restore supremacy of constitution and upholding rule of law as PTI would not compromise in this regard.

Talking about the suspension of PTI Founding Chairman’s sentence in thoshakhana, he expressed hope that the sentences in other cases would also be suspended soon because all the decisions were against the law and morality.

He reiterated that PTI always talked about supremacy of constitution and law and stood by the judiciary. PTI CIS said that PTI never lost trust in the courts despite the fact that Imran Khan, other leaders and workers had been subjecting to the worst barbarities and fascism during the past 23 months without any respite.

“Even today, hundreds of our people are unjustly imprisoned, if our workers get bail in one case, they are arrested in another case,” Raoof maintained.

However, he stated: “Today is a great day for our party and first drop of hope, as the nation beloved leader Imran Khan stood victorious and soon he will be released from unlawful detention to take the reins of the country as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.”

He went on to say that all coercive tactics were employed to eliminate Imran Khan politically and even physically but they failed humiliation always.

Raoof stated that the nation accorded PTI Chairman and his party with overwhelming majority in February 8 general elections but the public mandate was stolen in the midnight polls robbery, resultantly mandate thieves public-rejected clique was fraudulent imposed on the nation.

He said that the courts were virtually converted into kangaroo courts, as they were reduced as a tool of political engineering at the hands of the establishment, hoping that dirty practice of political engineering would eventually come to a halt.

Speaking on the occasion, Khalid Khurshid said that the judiciary was always fractured for vested interests that was the reason it ranked 138 in the world.

He stated that six judges did a commendable job by demonstrating great courage to expose the meddling in judicial affairs and vowed that they would let not rest and would take the matter to its logical conclusion.

“We have never seen such a judicial surrender in 75 years, as CJP surrendered six judges at the mercy of the executive,” he lamented.

Talking about Chief Justice’s extension reports, he said that it was all parts of London Plan as he would have rewarded for his services.