President approves remission for prisoners on Pakistan Day, Eid ul Fitr

President approves remission for prisoners on Pakistan Day

ISLAMABAD, Mar 22 (APP/DNA): President Asif Ali Zardari on Friday approved remission for the prisoners on the occasion of Pakistan Day annually observed on March 23 and Eid ul Fitr.

The president granted a remission of 90 days each, for both occasions in sentences exercising his powers under Article 45 of the Constitution and Rule 15-A of the Rules of Business.

However, the remission would not be applicable on the prisoners involved in murder, espionage and anti-state activities.

Besides, the prisoners involved in rape, theft, robbery, kidnapping, terrorism and financial crimes, would also be ineligible for the remission.

The reduction in sentences would be applicable on the male prisoners of over 65 years age and female prisoners of over 60 years age, who had completed one-third of the sentence.

The juvenile prisoners, who had completed one third of their sentence would also be entitled for the remission.