PTI blasts Mohsin Naqvi, seeks immediate restoration of ‘X’

Mohsin Naqvi

ISLAMABAD, MAR 20 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson came down hard on the fake Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi for his statement pertaining to the suspension of social media platform ‘X’, demanding an immediate restoration of the social media platform.

PTI Spokesperson urged instant removal of the unjustified and unconstitutional ban on the social media platform ‘X’ and said that it was the old habit of Sharifs and Zardari mafia to use traditional and social media for their negative propaganda under the guise of media legislations.

He said that the fake government of form-47s and its bogus ministers’ non-serious statements regarding the closure of social media platform ‘X’ were making mockery of the so-called democratic system.

PTI Spokesperson went on to say that the fake government’s unjustified shutdown of the Internet, especially social media websites, on daily basis provided opportunities to the world to ridicule Pakistan.

He recalled that even the international human rights organizations were also raising voices against suspension of social media platforms for the last 32 days by the unelected rulers.

PTI Spokesperson stated that constitution was practically suspended and the basic constitutional rights were being crushed by power-wielders during the last 23 months, besides curbing freedom of speech and press had been the topmost priority of the usurper and anti-constitutional group.

He reminded that all coercive tactics, ranging from enforced disappearances to blackmailing families, were being utilised to target the impartial journalists and social media activists, adding that the state was taking these steps to strangulate freedom of speech and press to establish its unconstitutional control over the media.

PTI Spokesperson continued that the people-rejected PDM-2 undemocratic government was committing violation of all fundamental constitutional rights without any fear of accountability.

He pointed out that the basic constitutional right of freedom of expression and press were usurped in order to hide the facts of polls fraud and to impose the people-rejected clique on the nation once again.

PTI Spokesperson made it clear that the closure of social media websites without any reason and justification was a clear violation of Article 19 of the Constitution and international laws.

He called upon the fake minister of the fake government to ensure protection of citizens’ right to freedom of speech through immediate restoration of social media platform ‘X’.