CM Maryam announces three months remission in punishment of prisoners


LAHORE, MAR 17: /DNA/ – Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has announced three months remission in the punishment of prisoners and release of 155 prisoners across the province. CM while addressing the iftar dinner ceremony organised in the Kot Lakhpat Jail stated that 155 prisoners are being released after paying a diyat amount of rupees 15 crore with the collaboration of philanthropists. A video call facility will be provided in all the jails of Punjab very soon.

CM stated that she herself remembered the time spent during her period of imprisonment while coming to the Central Jail today. ” I was imprisoned in the Death Cell Chakhi and faced a difficult time. My father was also imprisoned in the same Jail but was denied permission for meeting him. I used to meet my father once a week only. Once I received a hand written letter of my father which stated that he after being arrested is being taken to the NAB. Someone in the jail told me that your father is feeling unwell and is being taken to the hospital. It was a time of great difficulty.”

CM stated that she used to query as what wrongful act she has committed for which she is kept in the jail and then used to sit on the praying mat. I used to wait for the appeal when I came to know that the Judge went on three weeks leave. I couldn’t talk with my cancer patient mother in the Adiala Jail. I used to talk with my children for 20 minutes only. I was greatly worried about my 15 years old daughter as she also underwent a difficult time. Someone in the court told my father about the state of illness of my mother and despite his repeated saying, no one allowed his conversation with his wife. I spent the difficult jail time with patience and perseverance.

 A person gets 24 hours to think and ponder in the jail.” CM said that few persons go to jail due to their faults and few due to their circumstances adding that even the innocent have to face punishments due to shortcomings in the justice system.We would definitely bring improvements  in the jail system along with provision of possible ease for the prisoners. We are aware about the difficulties of prisoners and we would bring improvements in their food and other essential needs. A video call facility for the prisoners has been launched. I felt pleased to witness a youth prisoner talking with his wife and daughter via video call. A prisoner is provided with a moment of rejoice while talking with his family members via video call.

CM further directed to adopt a respectable and dignified practice for arranging a meeting of the prisoners with their family members. We want to bring reforms in the jails so as to make every prisoner a useful citizen of the society. We would let the prisoners to stand on their feet by imparting them various skills in the jails. 04 doctors will perform their duties in the Central Jail Hospital and an operation theatre is also available. I am pleased that the prisoners can keep their fast and spend Eid at home after the payment of their diyat. It is prayed that improvements come about in the justice system so that no innocent can be put to unjust  imprisonment. Former Senator Pervez Rasheed, Provincial Minister for Information & Culture Azma Bokhari, Chief Secretary,  Secretary Home, Special Secretary Home, IG Prisons and other concerned officials also accompanied.