City comes together to provide free Iftar meals during Ramazan

Iftar meals during Ramazan

RAWALPINDI, MAR 17 (DNA) — The traditional activity of providing free charity meals during the holy month of Ramazan to the needy continues in the city, as traders communities, individuals, and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) come together to serve Iftar meals.

Various ‘Dastarkhwans’ and ‘Langars’ (free Iftar food spots) have been set up in different parts of the city, with banners and posters displayed on main roads near the prescribed locations to invite those fasting during Ramadan.

One large free food spot has been set up in Namak Mandi, Raja Bazar area, where a considerable number of people including labourers and daily wagers are being served with food at Iftar time.

“This is only to seek Allah Almighty’s pleasure, a way to show our compassion to those who are needy,” said Faisal Malik, a cloth shopkeeper, emphasizing the importance of serving those in need.

Similar arrangements have been made by the business community in Purana Qila and College Road to serve deserving people, while another dastarkhawan is active near Benazir Shaheed Hospital on Murree Road, catering to both laborers and travelers.

In addition to community-based dastarkhawan arrangements, NGOs and welfare organizations have also organized daily Iftar dinners at their prescribed locations to support those in need.

A volunteer at a Langar Khana mentioned the increase in the number of individuals attending the meals each year, noting that the economic situation has led to more deserving visitors during the holy month of Ramazan. — DNA