Deputy Commissioner presides Peace Committee meeting

Deputy Commissioner presides Peace Committee meeting

By Faisal Munir / DNA

ATTOCK, 09 Mar: The Deputy Commissioner Rao Atif Raza has said on Saturday that the month of Ramadan teaches us the lesson of peace, tolerance and sacrifice, by following which we can achieve success in this world and the hereafter. He expressed these views while presiding over a meeting of the District Peace Committee. The meeting was attended by District Police Officer Attock Dr. Ghiyas Gul Khan, members of Peace Committee and others were also present on this occasion.

Deputy Commissioner and District Police Officer (DPO) briefed the peace committee members about the measures to be taken in Ramadan. As per reported by our district representative faisal munir that The Deputy Commissioner Rao Atif said that all municipal and other public services will be provided in Attock district during Ramadan. Strong security measures have been taken for all religious gatherings during Ramadan. The members of the District Peace Committee assured the district administration officers of their full cooperation to maintain religious harmony in the holy month of Ramadan.

DCO said that consolidated harmony is needed among all sects to ensure a peaceful Month of Ramadan in the district. He said religious unity is the essence of our religion and under current scenario it is the need of the time to maintain complete religious synchronization that will send a message to all that muslim community is united and strong. He further said that in Month of Ramdan to facilitate all pray mosqes a comprehensive plan has been chalked out by all tehsil administrations that will also be implemented in letter and spirit.

District Police Officer said on the occasion that fool proof security arrangements have been made for all month of Ramzan in Moques . Members of district peace committee have ensured that all possible co-operation will be extended to the district and tehsil administrations during Month of Ramdan to ensure absolute religious harmony among all religious sects. The members also presented their suggestions, which were assured to be implemented as per the law.