IESSI Leads Groundbreaking Health Initiative

IESSI Leads Groundbreaking Health Initiative

ISLAMABAD, FEB 23 (DNA) — On the International Day of Social Justice, IESSI spearheaded a significant initiative in collaboration with ILO Pakistan and the Labour Department ICT under which a free medical camp was setup by Commissioner IESSI.

The event boasted esteemed attendees, including Mr. Geir Thomas Tunstall, Country Head of ILO, the DG Chief Commissioner Office, Commissioner IESSI, and the Director of Labour & Industries, who collectively graced the occasion as chief guests.

The ICT spokesman Dr Abdullah Tabasum on Friday said that the medical camp, held in the brick kiln community of Islamabad, witnessed active participation from Commissioner IESSI, Director (Labour), Development and Finance, and representatives from ILO, Chamber of Commerce, as well as various medical and paramedical professionals.

He further said that diverse health screenings were a highlight, encompassing tests for Hepatitis B and C, Diabetes, Cholesterol, and HbA1c. Meanwhile eye and breast cancer screenings added another layer to the initiative, reflecting a holistic approach to community well-being.

Beyond medical check-ups, the awareness camp addressed crucial topics such as diabetes, hypertension, child nutrition development, and the significance of using sugar and gluten-free products, he added. Commissioner (IESSI) Social Security, Rabia Aurangzeb, shared that over 500 individuals actively engaged in the free medical camp.

The event extended its impact by distributing essential supplies, including school bags, uniforms, first aid kits, and other thoughtful gifts to the children of the area. This philanthropic effort went beyond healthcare, reaching out to the community’s educational and well-being needs.

In a noteworthy collaboration between IESSI, ILO Pakistan, and the Labour Department ICT, this free medical camp exemplified a shared commitment to social justice.  The participation of key figures, including Mr. Geir Thomas Tunstall and Commissioner IESSI, elevated the event, highlighting its significance in addressing healthcare disparities.

The choice of the brick kiln community in Islamabad added a poignant touch, emphasizing the outreach to underserved populations. The various medical camps provided a comprehensive health check, while the inclusion of awareness sessions showcased a dedication to preventive care and education.

Commissioner (IESSI) Social Security, Rabia Aurangzeb, expressed gratitude for the substantial turnout, revealing the heartening impact on the local community.  The distribution of school essentials and other gifts further underscored the holistic approach taken, ensuring that the event left a lasting positive impression on the lives it touched.