Eman Tahir demands inquiry of Chatthas’s allegations

Eman Tahir demands inquiry of Chatthas’s allegations

By Faisal Munir / DNA

ATTOCK: PTI Leader and Candidate from NA-50 Eman Tahir has said that The massive rigging of the February 8 general elections is a dark chapter in Pakistan’s 76-year-old political history and there should be an immediate and transparent inquiry into allegations of massive rigging by Commissioner Rawalpindi, Mr. Liaquat Chatta.

She said that After the revelations of Commissioner Rawalpindi, the Election Commission immediately called the 13 candidates of Pindi Division and the ROs and DROs of these districts to find out the truth and the systematic rigging. The result for her constituency could only be announced on the third day after the general elections. She alleged that when she arrived in Pindi Ghaib polling station, she was not allowed to enter and she and her mother were baton charged by police on orders of high ranking police officials she added.

Eman Tahir said that Hundreds of tear gas shells were fired at the women for no reason, injuring their mother and other female colleagues. Instead of taking action against the police officials responsible, cases were registered against him and her mother. She said that An FIR was registered against me and my mother under terrorism provisions, later we went to the Election Commission for the third time to claim the right to vote for the people of this constituency, which was overwhelmingly in our favour. But till date we have not received any reply.

She said that The same is the case with my father Major Tahir Sadiq whose lead is 65000 according to Form 45. Chief election commissioner of pakistan should immediately conduct an inquiry into rigging and inquiry should be conducted against all PTI candidates she added.

Ms. Eman Tahir said that All 20 National Assembly hopefuls of my constituency have Form 45 and they should be called for a transparent inquiry in the presence of the media.