West’s media war

West’s media war

Mamoon Azeem

The shameful coverage of Israel’s war in Gaza is unprecedented and unparalleled in history. The one-sided portrayal of the conflict, often omitting crucial facts, serves to justify Israel’s actions and shield it from international scrutiny. This biased reporting is not merely a result of unprofessionalism; it reflects a deeper issue of the colonial mindset ingrained in Western journalism.

The media’s failure to provide accurate, balanced coverage stems from a history of imperial conquests and an inflated sense of self-importance. A prime example is The New York Times’ coverage, which downplayed the deaths of six Palestinian children, later revealed to be caused by Israeli strikes.

The recent visit of the US Secretary of State is portrayed as a cure to the decades long problem by the Western media, presenting the backers of the Jewish state as peace seekers with altruistic objectives in the region.

This form of journalism dehumanizes the colonized, echoing historical patterns observed by philosopher Frantz Fanon in the dehumanizing language used during colonialism.

In the context of Gaza, deaths are reported with a stark contrast – Israelis are active victims, while Palestinians are portrayed as aggressors, reinforcing a distorted narrative. As war rages on and international criticism mounts, it becomes evident that Western journalism is not merely reporting but actively taking part in the conflict, advancing a narrative that favors an occupying force over defenseless people.