Kyrgyzstan is interested in boosting business ties with Pakistan

Kyrgyzstan is interested in boosting business ties with Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, FEB 7 (DNA) – Ulanbek Totuiaev, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan said that his country is enjoying friendly relations with Pakistan and is interested in further boosting its business ties with Pakistan to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. He stressed that both countries should develop sustainable business relations as they have good potential to cooperate in many sectors of the economy. He said that a business delegation from Pakistan should visit Kyrgyzstan to explore joint ventures and business partnerships. He said that Kyrgyzstan is importing pharmaceuticals, sports goods, and some other products from Pakistan while it is exporting dry fruits, and agricultural products to Pakistan. He said that both countries should do business in more products as they have good potential for it. He assured that his embassy would cooperate with ICCI in the initiatives for promoting business linkages between the private sectors of both countries.

Speaking at the occasion, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan can cooperate in many areas including agriculture, industry, energy, and tourism. He said that the geographical location of both countries offers them good potential to increase collaboration and play a role in promoting regional trade in their respective regions. He said that Pakistan can provide Kyrgyzstan with easy access to many promising markets including the Middle East and South Asia. Similarly, Kyrgyzstan can provide Pakistan with easy access to the Central Asian States. Therefore, strong trade and economic relations would be very beneficial for both countries and regions. He said that Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan should focus on diversification of trade to achieve better results. He said that ICCI would consider taking a business delegation to Kyrgyzstan to explore business partnerships.

Faad Waheed Senior Vice President ICCI said that Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan should share expertise to benefit each other. He said that both countries should explore all untapped areas of cooperation to strengthen business relations.

Zafar Bakhtawari, former President ICCI and Secretary General UBG Pakistan said that the Kyrgyz Republic should take advantage of Pakistani seaports to get access to other potential markets. He said that road, rail, and air links between Pakistan and Central Asian countries are important to develop strong business and people-to-people relations.

Sheikh Muhammad Ejaz, Maqsood Tabish, Khalid Chaudhry, and others were also present at the meeting. 

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