Mob wife’ is flashy fashion look of early 2024


Paris, :"Mob wife" is the dominant fashion look of early 2024: knowingly over-the-top, even trashy -- the tough woman who has fought her way to money and power and isn't afraid to show it off. 
              Millions of TikTok users have suddenly become obsessed with the look of women on "Goodfellas", "Scarface" and "The Sopranos" -- or even the cold, hard style of Melania Trump. 
              The look leans hard on the 1980s -- faux fur over lots of black including tight stockings, leather, Lurex and sky-high heels. 
              It is about being "bold, tough, fearless, and unapologetic -- all traits I think are admirable, aspirational," one of the influencers behind the trend, Sarah Jordan Arcuri, told AFP. 
              The 29-year-old Italian-American from New Jersey -- home of "The Sopranos" of course -- has been pushing this aesthetic to her 120,000 Instagram followers for a couple of years. 
              It is the accessories that really make it: lots of heavy gold bracelets, chain belts and rings stacked on each other. 
              "All the gold gifted by your husband. You never take it off," laughs Arcuri. 
              TikTok star Mikayla Nogueira (15.3 million followers) posted a wildly popular tutorial on how to do 'mob wife' makeup: heavy kohl around the eyes, fake eyelashes and a "dark red lipstick". 
              The hair needs some serious volume, ideally an 80s-style perm.