Early detection can control ‘diabetic disease’

Early detection can control 'diabetic disease'

ISLAMABAD, JAN 16 (DNA) — Health expert Tuesday stressed public awareness for early detection and for adopting a healthy lifestyle to control Diabetic

as reduced physical inactivity, sitting jobs, poor sleep patterns and unhealthy food habits are mostly responsible for the increasing prevalence of disease among youngsters.

Talking to media channel, Diabetologist & specialist family physician Dr. Shehzad Tahir said that diabetes can be eliminated by simple lifestyle modifications, adding that early screening is very important in stopping the disease from progressing and with early detection we can easily beat diabetes.

He further said extreme temperatures can hurt both your body’s capacity to make and use insulin. As the temperature decreases, many diabetics’ blood sugar levels increase. Every diabetic patient requires a little bit of extra care and attention when the seasons change, he suggested.

“When the winter season arrives, people tend to skip their regular physical routines, such as yoga, exercise, and morning and evening walks, which correspond to increased blood sugar levels,” expert added. He further stressed that by adhering to standard care for high sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure, many complications could be reduced or completely avoided.

Replying a query, he described that improper diet, obesity, and poor lifestyle are the main causes of this disease, apart from this, if a person in the family is suffering from diabetes, such a person has a strong chance of suffering from other diseases.

He also said there was an urgent need to spread more awareness among healthcare professionals as well as common people so that diabetic foot ulcers and other complications of diabetes could be prevented in Pakistan. — DNA

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