Mushaal Hussein Mullick calls on World Leaders to take notice of Human Rights Violations in Kashmir and Palestine

Human Rights Violations in Kashmir and Palestine

ISLAMABAD, 11 DEC /DNA/ – SAPM on Human Rights Mushaal Hussein Mullick called on the world leaders and champions of human rights to take notice of the blatant violation of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and Palestine. She said that the Indian Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the abrogation of Article 370 to end the special status of Occupied Kashmir, which is the darkest act in the history of human rights. She said that for the last 76 years, the Indian army has been violating human rights in Occupied Kashmir, on which the world, including the international champions of human rights, are silent. She was addressing as Chief Guest a ceremony held at ICCI to observe the International Human Rights Day.

Mushaal Hussein Mullick said that Modi government is committing genocide in Kashmir and the world should play a role in stopping it. The genocide of Palestinians has been going on in Gaza for two months. Pakistan should raise a united voice on the issues of Occupied Kashmir and Palestine.

Faad Waheed, Senior Vice President ICCI strongly condemned the biased decision of the Indian Supreme Court on Article 370. He said that all citizens should enjoy equal rights. The people of Occupied Kashmir are still deprived of their rights. Everyone should raise voice against genocide in Kashmir and Palestine. The silence of the world on the Israeli aggression in Pto protect human rights betteralestine and the genocide of Palestinians is shameful. ICCI and the business community are ready to support the government from every forum in efforts to better protect human rights.

President Islamabad High Court Bar Association Naveed Hayat Malik said that the human rights situation around the world is bad. All Islamic countries, including Pakistan, should raise a voice on the violation of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and Palestine. OIC should raise a strong voice on the violation of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and Palestine. The initiative of ICCI to observe International Human Rights Day is commendable.

President National Press Club Islamabad Anwar Raza said that the Indian Supreme Court’s decision regarding Occupied Kashmir is a dark chapter in history. The people of the world are on the streets on the issue of Palestine, but the rulers are silent. The rulers of Islamic countries will have to break their silence on the situation in Gaza.

Former President ICCI and Secretary General UBG Pakistan Zafar Bakhtawari said that Mashaal Hussain Malik has been raising her voice for the rights of Kashmiris all his life. The decision of the Indian SC is a serious violation of human rights. More than 18,000 innocent Palestinians have been martyred by Israel in Gaza, of which more than 12,000 are women and children. The champions of human and animal rights should see the situation in Occupied Kashmir and Gaza. Sadly, people and rulers in the world are not on the same page on the issue of human rights. No nation can develop until all people are given equal rights. Pakistan should ensure better protection of the human rights of all citizens to achieve better progress and development. The world cannot achieve lasting peace without solving the issues of Palestine and Kashmir.

HR activist Syeda Ilya Kazmi, Finance Secretary National Press Club Ms. Nayar Ali, Secretary General of Tehreek Islamabad Party Asma Malik, Chairman Pakistan Red Crescent Society Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Habib Malik Orkazai also spoke on the occasion and emphasized the need to ensure better protection of human rights around the world including Occupied Kashmir and Palestine.

The Vice President ICCI Engr. Azharul Islam Zafar, thanked all the guests and participants, including the Chief Guest, for attending the event and expressed his determination that ICCI will keep raising its voice for the better protection of human rights.

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