PTI lambasts PDM govt for plunging country into worst crises

PTI lambasts PDM govt for plunging country into worst crises

Directs party workers, office-bearers to fully participate in anti-inflation protests

ISLAMABAD, AUG 29 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Core Committee lashed out at the PDM government, imposed on the nation through a conspiracy, for plunging the country into the worst political and economic crises and announced that the party would fully participate in the country-wide protest against soaring inflation, making life of the countrymen miserable.

PTI Core Committee, in its important meeting on Tuesday, announced that the party would fully support the nationwide protests against the worst inflation and unbearable electricity bills.

During the meeting, they directed the party workers and office-bearers to ensure participation in the peaceful public protest across the country with full force.

The participants of the meeting stated that the constitution and laws did not give the rulers the right to suck the blood of the citizens, adding that the doors of this disaster was opened some 16 months ago when undemocratic forces conspired against the elected democratic government of Prime Minister Imran Khan and imposed inept and incompetent criminals on the nation.

The PTI Core Committee recalled that Imran Khan, during his government, successfully saved the people from inflation and the economy from meltdown despite the global epidemic crisis, soaring oil prices in international market and the IMF program.

They said that when a conspiracy was hatched against Imran Khan, the price of petrol was Rs 150 per liter while electricity was provided at Rs 16 per unit.

In addition, the participants stated that during his tenure, Imran Khan started work on ten major hydropower projects in a bid to attain self-sufficiency in energy.

In the meeting, they said that the PTI government made attempts to minimize the financial loss by easing terms and conditions of the absurd contracts signed with the most expensive IPPs.

PTI Core Committee went on to say that the PTI government was mainly focus on bringing overall reform in the energy sector and arrangements were made to ensure uninterrupted power supply to industry and agriculture at subsidized rates. It was said that sufficient financial aid and subsidies had been arranged to protect the poor population from inflation.

However, the PTI Core Committee expressed distress that the tyrants handed over the country to criminals who played with the lives of the people in total disregard of constitution and democracy.

The participants of the meeting stated that the people of the country were deprived of their basic rights of life and livelihood during the last 16 months fascist government of the PDM.

They said that the people have also been deprived of the lone but powerful voice of the PTI Chairman by imprisoning him through absurd and controversial judicial proceedings.

It was said that the PTI workers and officials would fulfill their duty by participating in the protest against back-breaking inflation and bloated electricity bills to become the voice of the rank and file despite all the state oppression.

The PTI Core Committee urged that the caretaker government should focus on conducting free, fair and transparent elections within the constitutionally mandated timeframe to transfer the decision-making power to the elected democratic government instead of further intensifying the disaster.

It was stated that under the leadership of Imran Khan, PTI was capable to get the country out of the quagmire of the problems.