Pakistan, Austria vow to enhance collaborations in multiple areas


ISLAMABAD, JAN 1 /DNA/ – There can be many ways to collaborate with the trade platforms, Industries and educational institutions of Austria and those of Pakistan; from win-win trade agreements to extensive student exchange programs we may have limitless mutual opportunities.

He said, Pakistan’s leather export volume is around $750 million/annum, with semi-processed and finished hides and skins to Italy, and finished leather articles to the Federal Republic of Germany. Austria may also benefit from the quality leather exports from Pakistan.

Sahiwal is a promising dairy production hub of Pakistan, and has vast potential for future food needs. The local breeds are one of the best natural thorough breeds in terms of milk production, which can further be nurtured to have exponential growth in production. Pakistan is a 230 million population, 6th largest in the world and 34th largest economy, he concluded. DNA