Friends of embassies family gala celebration at Indonesian embassy


ISLAMABAD, DEC 5 /DNA/ – The embassy of the Republic of Indonesia organized a “Family Gala” at the Indonesian Embassy.

The event was attended by the families of diplomatic corps, government officials, journalists, and business communities.

Family Gala featured a diverse programs that included musical performances, fun games and stall of handicrafts from women entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

Ambassador Adam M. Tugio appreciated the efforts and teamwork of the organizers for making the event so festive. “It was exclusively dedicated to the families and friends of embassies and also to observe Animal Rights Day”, added the envoy.

 The Chief guest of the event, Chairperson of The National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC), Ms. Afshan Tehseen praised the warm gesture by the Indonesian Embassy for organizing the cultural gathering to strengthen the fraternal bonds among two Muslim brotherly countries. She stated in her remarks, “Through such event we hope to instill in people the importance of caring for animal in the same way we care for human”.

The event also displayed the envoy’s truck arts painted official car. The car is decorated with famous cultural landmarks of Indonesia and Pakistan. Ladies of the Indonesian Embassy mesmerized the audience with “Angklung” performance on Dil-Dil Pakistan. Angklung is an Indonesian musical instrument consisting of two to four bamboo tubes suspended in a bamboo frame, bound with rattan cords. Since each Angklung only generates one note or chord several players must work together in order to play melodies. Angklung captures the spirit of cooperation and togetherness of diverse Indonesian society.

A female singer also sang “Hello hello Sayang Ku”, which means “Hello dear one” in Indonesian from the well-known Pakistani film “Bandish.”

Many exclusive handicraft stalls, famous delicacies of Indonesian and Pakistani cuisines were also presented which includes Meat ball soup, chicken sate with fried rice, biryani, haleem, nihari, creative designs of decorated baking items, fashion and clothing, variety of handmade, henna stall and pet accessories. The event “Family Gala” brought families together and entertained people of all ages.