Pakistan’s head of mission in Kabul survives assassination bid


KABUL, DEC 2 /DNA/ – A security guard got injured while saving Pakistan’s head of mission at the embassy in Afghanistan’s capital during an attempted assassination attack, reported Friday.

The attack took place while the head of mission was on a walk and was saved by the security guard deployed for his protection, sources told.

It has been learnt through sources that the guard was injured after taking the three bullets on his chest and has been shifted to a medical facility.

When the incident happened, there was no activity in the Pakistani Embassy due to weekly off.

The head of mission and other officials are being called back to Pakistan temporarily, the sources said.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif condemned the attack deeming it dastardly and lauded the guard for saving the life of Pakistan’s head of mission.

“Salute to brave security guard, who took bullet to save his life,” he wrote in his tweet.

The premier extended prayers for the guard’s swift recovery demanding an “immediate investigation and action against perpetrators of the heinous act”.