PTI to not head towards Islamabad ‘anymore’ as Imran announces party’s exit from all assemblies


RAWALPINDI, NOV 26: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Saturday announced to exit from all the assemblies, saying that the leadership has decided to not head towards Islamabad.

At the outset of his speech, the PTI chief said that he offers an apology to his supporters of making them to wait for the power show. Many of the PTI’s supporters are stranded on the roads. Talking about the gunfire incident, he said that attempt was made to assassinate him, adding that he had a near-death experience.

Saying that was told that it would take three months for –his – wounds to heal, Imran claimed those who tried to assassinate him are still sitting in the top-level positions, adding that three people were behind his assassination attempt. He claimed that those who called cypher ‘fake’ were involved in the process of toppling his government.

‘No stone left unturned to dishonour me’

Berating the – rulers and allies – of the incumbent government, Imran Khan said that there was no stone left to dishonour me. He added, “I am here today to tell you [PTI’s supporters] that the country is standing on the historic moments.

‘Societies without justice decline’

The former premier said that in the societies where there is no rule of law and justice decline. He claimed that first the rulers of the incumbent government were called ‘thieves’ and then they were given NRO behind closed doors. He told his supporters that fear makes people ‘slaves’.

‘Will fight for country till end’

The PTI Chairman once again vowed to fight for the country’s betterment till the very last moment, while he said that the nation has denounced the – rulers – of the incumbent government in the by-polls
‘I own country, Army’

The PTI chief made it clear that the he owns the country and the Pak Army, saying that Pakistan belongs to him and he never thought of seeking a foreign passport. He added that he feels proud that the Pak Army is powerful.