This is not an Azadi march but anarchy-mongering campaign: Sanaullah


nterior Minister Rana Sanaullah Friday said PTI Chairman Imran Khan was fighting a losing war by blindly pursuing the ‘Haqeeqi Azadi March’ as it had paled into insignificance after the chief of army staff’s appointment.

“This is not an Azadi march but an anarchy-mongering campaign,” Sanaullah said, adding that this march will be used to spread hate in the country and “sabotage the democratic process”.

He urged the PTI supporters not to become complicit in an evil agenda by playing in the hands of the PTI chairman. “This march is also not in the interest of Pakistan; thus, people should not follow a path to the country’s destruction.”

“I again urge Khan to call off the rally that has lost its purpose,” the interior minister said.