First shipment through WeBOC in Gwadar Free Zone on Saturday 



Islamabad, Oct 22: In a landmark development, the first shipment was set to begin from Gwadar Free Zone putting into operation the Web-Based One Custom Clearance System (WeBOC) on Saturday (October 22).  

According to Gwadar Pro, the development has made a mark after the web-based one custom clearance system was successfully launched in Gwadar Free Zone. Earlier this week, FBR issued the operator ID to Gwadar Free Zone Company transforming the traditional one custom to a modernised WeBOC.  

Given the new digitalised e-customer clearance system, all entry and exit of shipments in Gwadar Free Zone will be carried out using WeBOC.  

A consignment of Hangeng Trade Company, an investment firm within Gwadar Free Zone, is first to be shipped under the e-custom service.  

Liao Longtai, the General Manager of Hangeng told Gwadar Pro, “It is a great honour for Hangeng to be the trailblazer for innovative mode of commerce”, adding that “next week another cargo container will be exported from Free Zone by Hangeng using WeBOC”. 

“In the days to come all companies operating in the zone will be registered under WeBOC. Since it is convenient, transparent and business-friendly, it is highly likely to boost investor confidence and enhance commercial activities in Gwadar,” said an official of Gwadar Free Zone Company.  

To give strategic boost to commerce and shipment activities, the e-custom clearance system was installed in Gwadar Free Zone in the last week of July this year, which was featured by paperless, ultra-fast, cost-effective and transparent processes and procedures.  

The game-changing e-initiative aims to facilitate companies in Gwadar Free Zone to get integrated with  Gwadar Port, customs, NLC, FBR, banking channels and other institutions to increase efficiency and reduce the time taken for processing in various departments.   

WeBOC in Gwadar Free Zone will help with the automation, standardisation and harmonisation of all trade procedures and logistic services related to land, air and sea routes under Pakistan Single Window (PSW).   

Presently WeBOC has thousands of registered users i.e. businesses, government departments including Anti-Narcotic Force, Engineering Development Board, State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Climate Change, Railways, Income Tax Department, Provincial Motor Registering Authorities, Commercial Banks, etc.