Winder Dam to be completed in 2025


ISLAMABAD, MAY 29 (DNA) — The Winder Dam project of 3 megawatts (MW) capacity would be completed in 2025 which is situated across the Winder River that would store 54,000 acre feet water.

The Dam is located at a distance of 125 Kilometer from Karachi, 66 Kilometer from Uthal and 25 Kilometer from Winder Town in Lasbela District of Baluchistan, said an official of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) while talking to APP on Wednesday.

He said that the Winder Dam would have 54,000 acre feet water storage and would help in irrigating 10,000 acres of land.He said the agriculture and livestock would be progressed in the area after completion of the dam.

“About 54,000 acre feet of water storage capacity will be created and more than 10,000 acres of land will be irrigated from the conclusion of the Winder Dam,” he said. He said water supply to the lands from the dam through canal could also be ensured. =DNA