What is the likely future of a no-trust move?


Sources claim a deal has been struck between the Tareen Group; PML Q and govt

Ansar M Bhatti

ISLAMABAD: The govt seems to have reached an understanding with powers that be for the future set in the Center as well in the Punjab province.  Sources privy to this development have confided to this correspondent that Jehangir Khan Tareen Group and the PML Q led by Chaudhries will nominate a consensus candidate for the Punjab Chief Minister slot, which means Usman Buzdar will finally be shown the door.

The sources further claimed that the new arrangement in the Punjab would come into force once the no-trust move issue is settled. In return PML Q and the Tareen group will support Prime Minister Imran Khan and thus the PM is likely to survive the no-confidence motion.

Sources further said the Opposition parties too have got a clue to this development therefore their frustration has started appearing on their faces. Sources say Thursday night’s brawl between Maulana Fazalur Rehman men and the security forces was in fact a clear manifestation of Opposition parties’ frustration. Maulana security guards gathered in the Parliament lodges on the pretext of giving protection to MPs hailing from the opposition camp.

PML Q and Tareen groups are likely to get key portfolios in the future Punjab set up. PML Q has hinted at asking for the post of Punjab Chief Minister. When PML N had contacted PML Q for a change in the Punjab, the Q had asked for the chief minister ship – a demand which was outright turned down by PML N and thus any further negotiations between these two parties could not proceed further.

The government had decided to settle the no-trust move before the upcoming OID conference which means the next two weeks are going to be highly charged and tumultuous.