PTI-SVP for harvesting sports talent thru best opportunities, MNA Najeeb Haroon


Karachi /DNA/ – Member of National Assembly from Karachi and Senior Vice President of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf,
Engr. Muhammad Najeeb Haroon has emphasized on providing the best environment and sports opportunities to youth from early days of teenage to rightly develop and promote the talent; Pakistan is very rich in. On the Occasion PTI young leader Mustafa Karani, also present.
“ Talent is available on our streets, but unfortunately majority is ignored rather suppressed and huge talent is wasted. Structure building is needed at the early age,” he said at an interactive session with Hasnain Vali Karimi , a Pakistani-origin Australian Body-builder crowned with titles of Mr. Australia 2020 and Mr. NSW 2020 by International Federation of Body-building (IFBB). From an average family of Karachi, Hasnain Karimi– after struggling for thirteen years in Australia to win honour for Pakistan – has come here to contribute in grooming talented junior players mainly in cricket. For this purpose, he is campaigning to establish linkage with sports organisations/institutions by meeting their Heads, and government functionaries and elected public representatives in Karachi,
Lahore and Islamabad.
“ I want to strengthen Pakistan cricket as Austrilian model,” Hasnain pledged. PTI senior politician appreciated commitment and long struggle of Hasnain to the achievement of his mission and earning good name for the country. He praised Hasnain’s patriotism and high spirit to pay back to the homeland by sharing his professional education, training and experience for ensuring fitness
of Pakistani players to their best performance.
“ Love for Pakistan is in-built. There is chip in our mind. No one or long distance can stop us from loving our motherland.”
He offered his cooperation and support to him in his efforts to promote sports especially cricket in
“ You keep up, help and guide other youth,” he encouraged Hasnain, who had glorified Pakistan in the
MNA, Engr. Muhammad Najeeb Haroon, who himself is very enthusiastic and self-made man, shared
his experiences : how he became a successful businessman after proving himself as very intelligent and
hardworking student throughout his engineering academic career within and outside the country. For
short of funds to continue his education, he did jobs with different organizations in late evenings. After
getting Intermediate education from D.J. Science College, Karachi, he did Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
from N.E.D University of Engineering and MS Engineering from Oregon State University , USA.

The PTI leader said that he was the highest tax-paying politician of the country and did not get a penny
from the national exchequer as perks provided to Parliamentarians i.e. attractive salary, TA/DA, fuel and
recreational allowances.
He expressed his full confidence in the government policies and efforts and hoped that things were
getting better, and the socio-economic environment would further improve to attract more Pakistanis
to come back and serve their homeland.
He cited the example of China where Overseas Chinese returned with their education, expertise,
experience and wealth and lifted their country up over a short period of time.
He advised the youth to struggle/voyage against the current of tides to truly develop themselves to all
kind challenges and hard missions. High esteem was needed to build the nation , which Prime Minister
Imran Khan did always advocate for.
Hasnain Vali Karimi told that he had won 4 gold medals and 2 Silver medals in bodybuilding
competition organised by IFBB on Nov.01, 2020. The competition was held in Sydney. His win was also
acknowledged by Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney, Autralia. His top achievements included Under
70-Kg category : as Mr. Australia ,1 gold medal for Nationals and 1 gold for State Championship. In
Novice body-building category: one gold medal for Nationals and 1 gold for State Championship. Under
Classic body-building Category: one silver medal for Nationals and 1 silver for State Championship.
Born in Karachi, his passion for fitness started at the age of 14 when he first stepped foot in a gym.
Without any guidance and knowledge, he achieved almost nothing and ended up getting several
injuries, but he did not give up.
He said no one in his family cared for their fitness, not even routine exercise. He alone stepped in a
gym. His father had 11 siblings – all diabetic. This family situation made Hasnain more careful about his
eating habits and did exercise. It gave him the motivation to pursue his career in body-building and
He was very skinny, weighing a mere 50kg when came to Australia. He wanted to look good, feel more
confident and realised people respect you more if you had a good personality/physique. He derived his
inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mindset, and dedication and commitment from Imran Khan
(Current Prime Minister of Pakistan and a great international cricket player) as he ( Hasnain) was a
strong believer in hard work and dedication.