ILF appreciates services of Dar-ul-Sukun’s management


KARACHI: The Chairman of International Lawyers Forum (ILF), Nasir
Ahmed Advocate has appreciated the services of all volunteers, sisters
and entire management of Dar-ul-Sukun which is running under the
supervision of Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King (FMCK) since
many decades.
A delegation consisted on the General Secretary of Shri Swami Narain
Trust, Anand Ram Hotwani, Sardar Amar Singh, Pundit Mukesh Kumar,
Allama Qasim Jarchwi, Dr Ubaid-ur-Rehman Rashid, ILF’s members,
civil societies’ representatives and social workers headed by Chairman
Nasir Ahmed visited Dar-ul-Sukun for recognition the contribution of all
helpers of FMCK towards hundreds of special children and aged
Sister M. Sofia along with other organizers welcomed the delegation,
dozens of special children impressed audience with their performances
and presentations.
ILF Chairman paid rich tribute to Lesley Ann Middlecoat for her sincere
efforts and practical services towards especial children as well as for
the development and wellbeing of Dar-ul-Sukun.
The extraordinary services of Sister Nargis Sadiq, Sister Shakila, Sister
Katherine Wilson and others were recognized while the audience
appreciated the comparing skills of volunteer Cookie Lewis.
A separate prayers session held for the rapid recovery of Sister Zeta.
Jamshed Ali Khowaja along with other ILF and civil society members
distributed the gifts among children.