Workers are real strength of PTI: Dr Shahbaz Gill


FAISALABAD, Feb 19 (DNA): Special Assistant to Prime Minister for
Political Communication, Dr Shahbaz Gill said on Saturday that workers
were the real strength of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and they would
give a befitting defeat to the political opponents who were trying to
protect the looters and plunderers.

Talking to the media after condoling with a PTI worker over the death of
his son in Madina Town here, he said, “Prime Minister has fulfilled his
promise that no minister under his premiership will be involved in
corruption and up till now no documentary proof of corruption has been
submitted against any one of his ministers”.

He said that Imran Khan was one of the most serious leaders who had not
interested in making money nor he had any peon like Malik Maqsood who
was the handler of his ill-gotten money. He said: “Our workers are fully
aware of the fact that they have to spend from his own pocket to serve
the masses or resolve their issues”. Most of the PTI workers belonged to
the poor and middle class and hence they were most energetic, he said.
The workers who had born with golden spoon in their mouth were never
energetic, he added.

He said that PTI workers were now protecting Prime Minister Imran Khan
in the public as they know whatever Imran Khan was doing his ultimate
objective was to facilitate the poor masses. He said that due to corona,
the global economics faced a major meltdown and prices of different
commodities recorded historic increase of 4 times but in Pakistan, only
a minor portion of inflation was passed on to the people. “With the
blessing of Allah Almighty and sincere efforts of Prime Minister Imran
Khan, our GDP growth rate is at 5.37 percent”, he added.

He said that our opponents were perturbed over this achievement but they
should remember the public gathering of Mandi Bahauddin where a crowd of
millions gave a strong message that majority of people still supported
their beloved leader Imran Khan.

Quoting Shahbaz Sharif, he said that yesterday, he was upset due to the
charge-sheet and
he was using delaying tactics and started confrontation with the lawyers
of FIA. He said that Shahbaz Sharif looted and plundered Rs 16 billion
through different bank accounts. This modus operandi was originally
introduced by Asif Ali Zardari and later Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza
Shahbaz followed it, however, it would prove their political death, he

He said that now there was no Malik Qayyum to give decisions of their
own choice. Shahbaz Sharif has to go to jail as he cannot escape from
his loot and plunder. He (Shahbaz Sharif) was saying that he intended to
go to assembly. “We are waiting for him to give him a political response
befitting to him”, Gill added.

The SAPM also criticized some TV channels which were not paying salaries
to their workers and said that TV channels were earning hefty profit of
36 percent. Hence, they should give salary to their workers without any
further delay otherwise, he would identify them by name if they failed
to clear dues of their workers, he warned.

He said that opposition was making hue and cry that why Imran Khan
dubbed Nawaz Sharif as “Bhagora” (absconder). He said that the court had
declared him as absconder and what we can say an absconder in Urdu
except “Bhagora”. The government was also trying its optimum for the
repatriation of Nawaz Sharif, he added.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif had presented a unique logic that FIA could
not proceed against any private person, but the High Court on 23rd
November had given a verdict that FIA could proceed against such

He said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan has now stuffiest time as he has
successfully controlled corona and saved the country from bankruptcy,
now he is ready to face his political opponents with the help of its
workers. He (PM) would not give any NRO and the looters would have to go
to jail.

They should immediately return the ill-gotten money and surrender
themselves to the courts, then they could enter into political arena if
law allows them to do so, he added.

Dr Shahbaz Gill said the PTI workers should prepare themselves to give a
befitting response to the political opponents as Imran Khan himself had
jumped into the field.

Responding to a question about looted money, he said, “We have retrieved
Rs 550 billion and out of it, Rs 400 billion spent on the health cards
which had made people millionaire. Now, it is the duty of people to
think that who looted them and who had made them rich through
transparent welfare policies”.

He said, if tax was collected judiciously, the country would definitely
make progress. Hence, the government had decided to retrieve ill-gotten
money from looters and plunderers and from this amount we will launch
Ration Cards and Kisan Cards in addition to providing most of other
facilities to the downtrodden, he added. He hoped that people would
stand righteous person as Islam clearly directed them to support for the

Responding to yet another query, he said that Imran Khan was not afraid
of ‘No Confidence Move’. “We are fully prepared and would foil all such
conspiracies”, he added.

About long march, he said that lofty claims of Rana Sanaullah and
Shahbaz Sharif had no weight. They could not stage a long march as the
divergent political parties would skip one after another, he added.

About a question to his participation in next elections, he said, “This
decision will be made by Prime Minister Imran Khan that if I have to
contest the elections or not, or from which constituency”. DNA