Islamabad, Feb 11 /DNA/ – The Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the Government refute the unfounded allegations levelled by Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri that there is external interference in affairs of HEC as well as universities.

In a statement, it has been clarified that the Government believes in transparency in the functioning of all Government departments at all levels, be it HEC, universities or any other institution.

The statement says that, since the Government took office, it has been ensured that the education sector, and particularly higher education sector, is provided all available resources. Autonomy of the institutions has always been respected. Prime Minister of Pakistan has himself taken interest in ensuring that every government department is free to function as per its defined mandate.

Such unsubstantiated blanket assertions from Mr. Banuri are “inappropriate and irresponsible,” the statement said.

For appointment of vice chancellor or any other officer in the universities, there are set rules and all appointments are made on merit while following the laid down procedure. Similarly, for overseeing administrative affairs of universities, there are bodies like Syndicate and Senate that ensure implementation of policies in letter and spirit.

As far as HEC’s funding distribution is concerned, it is put on record that as well known to Mr. Banuri since its inception in 2002, HEC has a funding formula for disbursement of funds to higher education institutions.

Likewise, all development projects of higher education sector are duly approved by respective forums like CDWP, ECNEC, etc, and the process involves thorough planning before any project is approved and executed. “Whether it is establishment of university in the PM House or any other project, all projects are being planned keeping in view the national interest and by following all relevant rules and regulations.”