Islamabad 5th Feb /DNA/ – Kashmir Solidarity Rally was organized in the Federal Capital Islamabad on February 5th under the auspices of civil society, Political Parties, Pakistan Sweet Home, National Press Club on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day.
A protest camp was set up in front of the Parliament with the children of Pakistan Sweet Homes, aimed at exposing the atrocities and barbarism in Occupied Kashmir to the United Nations and expressing solidarity with the Kashmiris.
Children from Pakistan Sweet Homes joined the Solidarity rally in uniforms, holding placards and chanting slogans. The solidarity march started from the Solidarity Camp in front of the Parliament and ended in front of the Foreign Office and the Indian Embassy.
Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement (JKSM) Altaf Ahmed Bhat and Hurriyat leadership were the special guests of the function.
On this occasion, Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that Pakistan has to fight for Kashmir tomorrow and even after some time, then why not respond to India in its military language?
One and half-year-old Hiba Jan, a victim of a pellet gun,  and 90-year-old Shaheed Syed Ali are calling on Pakistan even today.After the withdrawal of the Indian Army, neither Modi nor any of his would dare to set foot in Kashmir. The Indian Army is cowardly and its rulers are even more cowardly. Bhat added.
Chairman JKSM further added that I still remember very well that when Qazi Hussain Ahmed arrived in Muzaffarabad with the Hurriyat leadership for the rally, I was in charge of the security of that rally and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed implemented Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s proposal regarding February 5th, and Kashmir Solidarity Day started since then.I have no affiliation with any political party because for me all Pakistanis are brothers as Muslims. Today I am taking their name because when the Hurriyat leadership from Occupied Kashmir was given a free hand in the presence of Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, Mujahid-e-Awal Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan and Qazi Hussain Ahmed, they informed the whole world about the atrocities against Kashmiris by the hands of Indian occupation forces.
If the credit goes to anyone, then it’s Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. No matter how many governments came after her, be it religious, political or any government, they tried to celebrate this day in the same way. The purpose of celebrating this day is to show that there is no precedent in the world for the killing of women including children and the elderly in Occupied Kashmir without any crime. Today is a day of solidarity with them. Chairman JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat added.
Altaf Ahmed Bhat reiterated that I also remember the day when we were standing here on 5th August. Today, in the presence of PTI leaders, I would like to convey the message to Prime Minister Imran Khan that in every era, Indian political and military officials have tried unsuccessfully to repeal Articles 370 and 35A. However, Article 370 was repealed in the present government which was clear proof that Occupied Kashmir is a disputed state. 
The people of Occupied Kashmir consider Imran Khan as a hero. He has more responsibility for how he fights the case of Kashmir. The present government should take practical steps to restore Article 370 while in future all political parties will accuse the present government of repealing this article.
If even today we consider Kashmir as Jugular Vein if I have a sword on my Jugular Vein and we keep watching the spectacle. If Modi withdraws his army from occupied Kashmir today, he will not be able to return to Srinagar. Now is the time not to politicize Kashmir but to take practical steps to liberate Kashmir. Chairman Bhat added.
Patron Chief Pakistan Sweet Homes Zamrud Khan in his speech said that today is the day in the history of Pakistan and the world, today all Pakistan is with Kashmiris, with Dr Amjad in welfare works, Sweet Homes is a bouquet of all political parties. I believe that Allah has done whatever I had thought for these little Angels and Fairies, remember this, my children will come to this Parliament and fight the case of Kashmir, this struggle continues from 1990 till today and it will continue till Kashmir becomes independent.
President National Press Club Anwar Raza said that the role of Pakistani ambassadors abroad needs to be further improved with regard to Kashmir, we stand united and will raise the voice of besieged Kashmiri brothers and sisters. The blood of Kashmiri martyrs will never go in vain.
MPA Abida Raja said that we have to tell the world about the atrocities taking place in Kashmir, Prime Minister Imran Khan informed the world at the United Nations and exposed the inhumane face of India, Kashmiris struggle will never go in vain and it will be a part of Pakistan.
MPA Farah Agha said that Kashmiris are the lifeblood of Pakistan and that all Political Parties should think collectively of Kashmir, and should stand with Kashmiris till the independence of Kashmir.
CDA Labour Union General Secretary Chaudhry Yasin said in a video link that the entire Nation Stands with the Kashmiris, urging human rights activists and international organizations to take concrete steps against the atrocities in Kashmir.
Former DIG Jamil Hashmi said that UNO should play a role in the liberation of Kashmiris abroad. Today, the children of Sweet Homes have represented the whole of Pakistan outside the parliament.
Former President PFUJ Afzal Butt said that he paid tribute to the children of Sweet Homes, Zamrud Khan and Altaf Ahmed Bhat for organizing today’s event. The perpetrators are standing on one side. I hope you are not disappointed. Inshallah, the sun of independence will soon rise in Kashmir.Business leader Kashif Chaudhry said that there is no precedent in the world for state terrorism against unarmed Kashmiris in India. Pakistan needs a permanent Kashmir policy.
In the end, other participants, including the children of Sweet Homes, marched peacefully from Parliament to the Indian Embassy and conveyed to India the message of the Pakistani people to stand with Kashmir.Patron in Chief  Pakistan Sweet Homes Zamrud Khan, Former Federal Minister and Chairman Islamabad Group Dr Muhammad Amjad, Member Provincial Assembly Farah Agha, Abida Raja, Parliamentary Secretary Chaudhry Adnan, President All Pakistan Traders Association Kashif Chaudhry, Former President PFUJ  Afzal Butt, Former AIG Jamil Hashmi, President National Press Club Anwar Raza, Secretary Khalil Ahmed Raja, Distinguished Columnist Aqeel Ahmed Tareen, Editor Kashmir Post Intl Manzoor Dar, Anchor Person Ali Raza Alvi, Advocate Pervez, Senior Journalist Sharjeel Amjad Rao, Mayor Rawalpindi Sardar Muhammad Naseem, Saeed Baig, Hurriyat leader Abdul Majeed Malik, Imtiaz Fani, Hafiz Basharat, Bashir Usmani, Hamad Mir, Ahtisham Mir, Malik Farhan Yousuf and many others were present.