G-14 allottees stage protest  outside hosuing authority office


G-14 allottees stage protest

outside hosuing authority office

The protestors appealed to the Prime Minister to immediately suspend the existing DG Authority for poor performance


ISLAMABAD: The G-14 Allottee Association has appealed to the Prime Minister to immediately suspend the existing DG Authority for poor performance and appoint a technical officer. Report should be submitted in the Islamabad High Court so that the case of Jhangi Syedan ​​can be decided and development work can be expedited. Land should be handed over from the occupation mafia immediately. These changes will strengthen the Prime Minister’s vision of 5 million houses.

According to a statement issued by the victims on Tuesday, G14, which consists of about 5,000 plots, was launched in 2004 for homeless retired federal employees. Despite the passage of 17 years, the authority still lacks performance. Due to bribery and collusion with the occupation mafia, they are deprived of acquisition of allotment plots while development works are almost non-existent. The contractor, who has been working on the site since 2012, has allegedly taken overpayments along with the bribe-taking staff of the authority and is now working very slowly due to lack of interest and malice on the part of the authorities. The Islamabad High Court has clearly directed the authority to expedite the development by evacuating the illegal occupants. The present DG Authority has failed to comply due to its incompetence. Some illegal occupants of Jhangi Syedan ​​have taken a stay order from the Islamabad High Court, on which the court asked them to submit a report to the court within two weeks on June 16, but no action was taken. The Senate committee even met on September 5 and the authority promised to submit a report to the court within a week, which is yet to be submitted. The staff of the authority is receiving their salaries and other benefits which are many times more than the government employees from the allotment fund while the development work is almost non-existent. The security situation of the authority is such that illegal development works are being constructed on the authority’s plot in G-14/1 under the rural program, which is a waste of government funds. We have been informing the Federal Minister and other officials about the failures of the Authority but no progress has been seen so far. Local MNA Federal Minister Asad Umar has been representing this constituency for 8 years, but this issue has been deliberately ignored. It is unfortunate that he and some of his associates are supporting the illegal occupation group. Remember that federal employees are the stronghold of voters in Islamabad. Ignoring their problems will not be good for local MNAs in the future. It should be noted that many overseas Pakistanis have acquired plots in G-14 who are also a source of valuable foreign exchange for Pakistan. Political pressure and incompetent administration have entangled G-14 issues for 17 years.