PM assures price hike to end soon


Says people came on roads in Kazakhstan to protest price hike; assures early resolution of poor people’s problems; asks media to project govt positive things as well

Ansar M Bhatti/DNA

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said price hike was a worldwide phenomena, which had adversely affected all and sundry. He also gave example of Kazakhstan where people came on roads in order to protest hike in daily use items.

The prime minister expressed these views during public interface on the national hook up.

He further said government was about to introduce sweeping reforms in the judicial and criminal justice system. He said in few months these reforms shall be put in place. He added, the dilemma of this country is that the big fish always managed to go scot free while the poor people are made to suffer.

The prime minister cursed the previous ruling elites including Nawaz Sharif and PPP leaders for damaging the economy of the country. Prime Minister Imran Khan has commenced a live session to interact with the public via telephonic calls today (Sunday).

The premier is currently answering phone calls from citizens and his conversation with the public is being telecast live on television, radio and digital media.

Speaking to a caller, the premier lauded his government for exceeding the tax collection target.Addressing the media of the country, the premier said that while it is the right of the media to criticise the government, it should refrain from resorting to propaganda and fake news.

“Our government is against mafias, and unfortunately, some elements within the media have also sided with them to spread negativity,” he said.