Skardu Airport becomes operational after heavy snowfall


SKARDU, Jan 09 (DNA): The Skardu Airport has been made ready for flight
operations after the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan received heavy
snowfall during the last four days.

The Skardu air facility, located at 7,500 feet above the sea level, is
one of the world’s highest airports.

According to details, the runway of Skardu Airport was closed due to
heavy snowfall which has now been cleared by the CAA authorities. The
airport became fully operational for the landing and take-off of

The airport management said that the runway and upper apron areas were
completely closed due to 6 inches of snow at the airport, which have
been cleared in eight hours. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is
working on an emergency basis at and around Skardu Airport.

CAA staff cleared the runway with tractors. The management added that
the airlines could operate the flight depending on the weather
conditions. More than 18-inch snow had piled up on the airfield, the
authority said.

Earlier, the CAA in its press note said the clean-up operation continued
throughout the night and the snow was removed from one runway, having
8,000 feet in length, while the clearance work on the second runway of
12,000 feet length was in progress.

The local administration was also helping the CAA in clearing the
airfield to resume the regular flight operation at the earliest. DNA