Demolition of Nasla Tower begins on SC orders


KARACHI, Nov 22 (DNA): The demolition of Nasla Tower on the directives
of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has begun with local administration
saying that the demolition process would begin from doors, and window

Teams from the anti-encroachment force and Sindh Building Control
Authority (SBCA) along with the local administration of district East
were overseeing the demolition process at the site.

Sharing details of the process, Deputy Commissioner East Asif Khan said
that they have begun the demolition of Nasla Tower using the traditional
method and the SBCA team is cooperating with them in this regard.

“We have also called in anti-encroachment force over concerns regarding
any lawlessness during the entire process,” he said.

The deputy commissioner further shared that initially doors and window
panes would be demolished as tender for bringing down the entire
structure is yet to be finalized. “Until a decision come on it, we will
continue to demolish the building through usual means adopted by the
SBCA,” he said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Nasla Tower demolition strategy
has yet to be chalked out as the authorities responsible for it continue
to mull on whether to wreck the building down manually or use controlled

During a meeting on November 12, the sources privy to details of the
session chaired by the deputy commissioner said it could not decide on
which option to go with.

At least two demolition companies attended the meeting and gave
recommendations on the strategy to knock the tower and they also asked
for some reports to determine the building and construction site status.

One building demolition company suggested it would take about
one-and-a-half months to raze the structure by means of machinery, while
the other said it can carry out the controlled implosion.

However, both the companies will have the required reports first before
they can give final recommendations based on which the demolitions can
take place, DC East said. DNA