CIIE displays a huge market for Pakistani government and exporters: Report


BEIJING, 11 Nov 2021 : The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE), the biggest import-themed expo worldwide displayed a huge market for Pakistani government and exporters, says a report published by China Economic Net on Thursday.

Numerous state-of-the-art technologies and products across the globe being exhibited at the expo have caught people’s imagination.

This year’s CIIE displays a huge variety of technologies and products of green development. Among them, a heat-free inkjet printer powered by riding a bike attracted a lot of attention. The printer works on 12W only, which is less energy-consuming than incandescent lamps at home.

There’s another new printer product that can make digital printing directly on textiles made of silk, cotton and polyester. Compared with traditional analogue printing, digital printing costs less time and water.

The report added, surgical robot precisely diagnosing lung cancer at early stage .Lung cancer, as a major global health threat, accounts for 12% of all new cancer diagnoses but 22% of all cancer deaths. Early diagnosis is the key to working a cure.

With a navigation system, a bronchoscopy robot exhibited at CIIE can deeply and precisely enter trachea by a catheter controlled by its arm, in a way doing less harm to health compared with the traditional puncture.

In one clothing booth, visitors are welcomed by a giant 2.5-meter 3D knit dress created using ‘WHOLEGARMENT’ technology.

Combining fashion, technology and sustainability, the 3D Knit saves on yarn and tailoring, allowing for a seamless finish to fit the body, achieving an elegant and comfortable wearing experience.

Muhammad Sabir Jan, a Pakistan trader who has lived in China for 27 years, has attended CIIE for the fourth time. “In Pakistan, currently, there is still a shortage of electricity. By adopting green energy technologies, our power shortage will be reduced,” he said.

“There are many commercial platforms in China, among which CIIE is at the top. It displays a huge market for the Pakistani government and exporters.

CIIE provides countless opportunities for your business to grow. I hope more Pakistani traders would come here next year,” Muhammad Sabir Jan said.

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