Govt wants to promote religious tourism in Pakistan, says Ghazala Saifi


ISLAMABAD, OCT 6 /DNA/ – Gandhara festival at Texila Museum, Taxila was held to highlight and showcase the significance of Gandhara Civilization, art, culture and artifacts. The event was organized/set up by Center for Culture and Development (C2D) along with the Punjab Archaeology Department to support and promote the theme Project of the Punjab Government aiming “Protection & Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Punjab through Sustainable Tourism and Economic Growth. The UNESCO Pakistan is a leading partner of the project and extending expertise and technical support to the Government of Punjab for the protection and promotion of heritage sites of Punjab which have paramount importance for   Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sufi Islam.

The title for the exhibition is “Roots or Routes: Exploring Pakistan’s Buddhist and Jain Histories”. The exhibition offering exhibits like posters and pictures of Budhism and Jainism remains and heritage sites in various regions and provinces of Pakistan is one of the most potent ways of presenting and projecting our heritage not only to our local audiences but to the our diplomatic communbities and international vieweresship aswell. These heritage and its diverse exhibition to the the world would enhance ppublic awareness about the importance of these treasures and a will to protect and promote these treasures for the posterity. The exhibition /Gandhara Festival would continue from October 5 through October 9.

It offers  opportunity for art, culture and history lovers to benefit from the work of experts on Gandhara civilization to quench their thirst for knowledge on this subject of utmost importance  for our history and heritage. Gndhara Festival was inaugurated by MNA and Federal Parliamentary Secretary, Culture and Heritage Gazala Shafi.. The parliamentary secretary Ghazala Saifi addressing a diverse gathering of Ambassadors, researchers, tourism industry leaders and heritage promoters, said that it is honour to address the World about the great heritage of Pakistan focussing the Gandhara Civilization. \She said that her government is determined to promote religious tourism in Pakistan as it would not only project and showcase Pakistan’s history and heritage to the World but also attract tourists across the globe to help boost our economy and earnings of the local industry. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Gill, Director General DOAM, Punjab said that despite of the prominence of Jainism and Buddhism in the ancient history of Pakistan,  Ms. Patricia McPhillips, Director UNESCO Office, Islamabad offered the vote of thanks, She highlighted the importance of Pakistan’s multi-cultural heritage and complimented the Pakistani government for supporting an exhibition of Paksitani’s Buddhist and Jain heritage.

Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar, the Executive Director of C2D, who organized the enventt said that Prime Minster vision was to promote diversity and pluralism in the country and project a liberal image of the country to the World.