Ashrafi for boycott to Indian products to register protest over Muslim’s persecution


ISLAMABAD, Sep 30 : Special Representative to Prime Minister Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi on Thursday urged the Ulema, religious scholars, civil society to boycott Indian products and register their anger at the persecution of Muslim community in India.                                       

Addressing a news conference, he said the ongoing campaign of boycotting Indian products being continued in various countries.

He urged religious scholars, Ulema and others to forge unity among their ranks and boycott the Indian products. India was committing gross human right violations in Asam and Muslim community should collectively raise its voice against Indian aggressions.

He said the corner stone of Pakistan’s foreign policy was Afghanistan. The whole world has already lauded Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan and started toeing the line of Pakistan in this regard.       

Ashrafi lauded the performance of law enforcement agencies and religious scholars for maintaining peace and atmosphere of brotherhood during Muharram.                                         

He said despite persistent efforts to ignite hatred and communal violence in Pakistan, India has miserably failed in its conspiracies this year due to changed situation in Afghanistan. 

He thanked Saudi Arabia for offering oil facility on deffered payments. 

Kuwait has also started issuing visas to Pakistan after a long time closure. Saudi Arabia was also offering scholarships to deserving students of Pakistan.

Criticizing the so called experts of human and women rights , he said such people forgot to talking about the rights of Dr Aafia Siddique along with women of Afghanistan.