Umer Sharif Declared Fit For Air Travel


KARACHI: Doctors on Tuesday have declared the ailing legendary comedian Umer Sharif fit for travelling to the United States for his advanced treatment.

Yesterday, Sharif was stopped from travelling to the US by the panel of doctors treating him at Karachi’s private hospital due to low blood pressure.

The family members of the legendary comedian confirmed that he will leave for the US via air ambulance today, where he will undergo heart surgery.

Umar Sharif’s wife Zareen Ghazal said the health of her husband is stable now and she will also leave with him to the US in the air ambulance.

The couple has undergone COVID-19 tests too before departure to the US. The ambulance will depart for the United States from Karachi at 11 in the morning today.

Earlier, the ambulance administration was asked to wait for a day by the doctors. Zareen Ghazal had said that it would be a massive financial loss if the air ambulance departs without carrying Umer Sharif to the US for medical treatment.