TASHKENT, SEP 22 (DNA) – The Pakistani passengers of a British Airways flight BA-260 have been left helpless and unattended at Tashkent airport after their plane made an emergency landing to the death of a woman mid-flight.

A British Airways flight that took off from Islamabad made an emergency landing at Tashkent airport today after a woman passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest.

It emerged that the passengers have been forced to sit inside the plane by the foreign airline’s administration for about eight hours and later sent to the airport’s lounge. The passengers were now left unattended at the airport’s lounge for over three hours.

A passenger said that the officials of British Airways informed the passengers about a fault developed in the aircraft during filling and another plane will be sent to the Tashkent airport to transport the travellers.

He added that they were told that another plane will arrive at the airport after 13 hours. He complained about passengers including children and patients facing troubles for being stranded and left helpless at the Tashkent airport without food and essential facilities including the internet.

The passenger said that the officials of Tashkent airport don’t understand their language while British Airways’ staffers were not paying attention to their complaints.

A flight of British Airways, BA-260, faced an emergency situation that took off from Islamabad to London as a woman suffered a cardiac arrest. when the plane was flying over Uzbekistan capital Tashkent. However, the woman passed away mid-flight.

Following the medical emergency, the pilot contacted the control tower and sought permission to land at the Tashkent airport. After being granted permission by the control tower, the flight landed at the Tashkent airport where a team of doctors and ambulance were present. = DNA