ISLAMABAD, SEPT 17 (DNA) – World needs to take practical steps and launch economic linkages and development initiatives to realize the dream of development, prosperity and sustainable development in Afghanistan, said by Zahid Latif Khan Chairman Asian Institute of Eco-civilization. 
Addressing a Webinar on Afghanistan, titled “Kandahar Dialogue”, he emphasized that China-Pakistan should extend CPEC to Afghanistan. Besides, China should also launch seventh corridor of BRI with the name of Corridor of Peace and Prosperity. He asked the global community to work together and establish a global fund called, “Afghanistan Regional Economic Integration Fund” to assist the people of Afghanistan. 
Senior Journalist, Saleem Safi emphasized on the need to understand Afghanistan through the lens of Afghanistan. He suggested that there is a need to work more closely with all segments of society and the world needs to come out of its mentality of favoritism. Regional countries should join hand and help Afghan people. They should avoid proxy game. Development will be key to stabilize Afghanistan, for that purpose it is necessary to understand the needs of Afghanistan. He suggested there should be more deliberation on it and there should be international consultation to devise instruments of assistance. 
Professor Frank Zheng Senior Fellow, CITIC Foundation Reform & Development, China said that China always look for opportunities to assist other countries according to their needs, norms, values and system of governance. China always respect other countries system and never interfere in their internal matters. China will do same with the Afghanistan; we want to partner in development and prosperity of Afghanistan and Afghan people. Professor especially emphasized on the building of the mechanisms for the cooperation in agriculture sector. 
There is a need of geo-economic initiatives not geo-strategic, said Ms. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Schiller Institute of USA. She emphasized to look for opportunities of economic integration and creating linkages with BRI. She strongly suggested for a major role of BRI and China. She also suggested to immediately start working on the health, as health sector is facing crisis in Afghanistan.  
Dr. Andrey Kortunov, Director of Russian International Affairs Council suggested that Taliban should work for inclusive government, as ethnic identities in Afghanistan are very strong. He also urged that the international community should not punish Taliban and Afghan People by sanctioning Afghanistan. He concluded with the remarks that Pakistan is a key player and has most important role to play. Thus, he asked regional countries to work with Pakistan to lay down sound foundation for cooperation. 
Syed Mustafa also recommended the strong role of BRI. He highlighted that extension of CPEC to Afghanistan will be a win-win proposition. 
Shakeel Ahmad Ramay CEO, Asian Institute of Eco-civilization Research and Development (AIERD) moderated the session. He shared with the participants that AIERD will soon be organizing an international conference on the economic development of Afghanistan.