Pak concerns genuine, says Zabihullah


Those who have valid documents such pas passports etc, are allowed to cross over adding a system is proper checks and balances is direly needed

DNA News Agency

KABUL: The spokesperson of the Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid has made it clear that all efforts shall be made to stop sneaking of criminals into the neighboring countries for Afghanistan adding the Northern Alliance leaders have fled to Tajikistan and therefore Taliban are in full control of Panjshir now.

He expressed these views during a news conference on Monday.

Regarding a question about closure of various crossing points such as Spin Boldak, Torkham, Zabihullah Mujhaid said they are in touch with the Pakistani authorities. He also mentioned Pakistani security delegation’s visit to Afghanistan adding the Pakistani side is concerned about pilferage of criminals who have recently been freed from the Afghan jails or got freedom as a result of jail breaks.

He said the closure of these crossing points is in the backdrop of this development. He said, those who have valid documents such passports etc, are allowed to cross over adding a system of proper checks and balances is direly needed to stop unwarranted people from crossing over to the neighboring courtiers or for that matter into Afghanistan.

To a question about relations with China, he said, we want to establish good relations with China and for that matter all the neighboring counties. We do want to fulfill various gas projects such as CASA 1000 and other projects. ‘We do want these projects to complete as per the deadlines. However security is the main issue and we first want to make sure that these projects do not have challenges’.

Regarding Panjshir he said the area is now in full control of Taliban. He announced amnesty for the people of the area. He also invited the Northern Alliance leadership who had fled abroad to come back and be part of the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

He said Taliban shall soon announce a new government however he did not give a specific deadline. He said parleys are going on and hopefully a new set up shall be announced sooner rather than later.

Zabihullah said that Turkish and Qatari engineers are doing their best to make the Kabul airport operational. While the domestic flights have already been started, now all attention is being focused on the resumption of overseas flights. He said the Americans have done great damage to the Kabul airport. Even the Control Tower is damaged badly, but he hoped all will be well in a few days.