Challenges and Defense of Pakistan

Global Misperceptions

By Zamir Awan

Pakistan is the only Muslim country with nuclear power in the whole world. With a population of 220 million, stands for the second largest Muslim country just after Indonesia. Its geostrategic location makes it a pivotal state. It connects Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle-East, and Eurasia. Pakistan has been playing a crucial role in geopolitics in the past and always played decisive roles.

Having said all above, it is to bring to your kind attention that Pakistan is not digested by some of the adversaries and they are planning to harm Pakistan. In 1999, Western powers planned to washout Pakistan from the World Map and declared that there will be no more Pakistan by 2015. They already initiated measures to harm Pakistan and fulfill their dream. But, Pakistan was created with the name of Allah and Allah has been kind to protect Pakistan.

However, defense is not only to protect a country from enemy forces in case of war. Today the war is in various shapes and phenomenons. Hybrid war, Cyberwar, Media war, narrative war, economic war, cultural war, etc, and so on.

The armed forces of Pakistan are always ready to face any challenge from the enemy and have demonstrated their capabilities recently. The incident of the Balakot attack by India in 2019, was an exemplary surprise to our enemy, and the Armed forces of Pakistan performed outstandingly. Response to the Slala incident in 2011, was also a memorable event. The armed forces of Pakistan are capable and will not embarrass the nation at any critical moment.

However, a comprehensive defense requires the whole nation to act collectively. It is the responsibility of each individual to contribute toward national defense in a capacity where he or she can. Irrespective of one’s profession, job, capabilities, or capacities, he or she can share part of his/her duty toward national defense. As a teacher, we may positively educate our young generation to make them a true Muslim and good Pakistani. As an economist, one can contribute to uplift the national economy and make Pakistan a self-sustainable country, without depending on any other country or institution to survive. We must get rid of IMF, World Mang, or any other International Financial Institutions (IFIs). We must get rid of our foreign debt. As an Industrialist, one, must contribute toward rapid industrialization and creating more jobs, as well as reduce imports relieving the pressure of our foreign exchange reserves, Similarly, enhancing Industrial output, we may export excessive production to the international market after meeting the domestic consumption and generating much needed foreign exchange for our country. As an agriculturist, we must work hard to ensure food security in the nation. We must feed our nation well and have sufficient calories and nutrition. The excessive Agri-produce can be exported to earn much desired and needed foreign exchange. As an engineer, we have the responsibility to revolutionize the count and positively contribute toward the socio-economic welfare of the country. As a doctor, we may contribute to ensuring good health and longevity for the nation. Irrespective of one.s job or profession, we may contribute directly or indirectly toward the national defense.

As media is the most modern tool of national defense, our media houses and personnel may feel a much higher responsibility to build Pakistan’s national narrative, and counter any attack from our adversaries. We should not spread fake news, or fabricated stories, or distorted narratives. We must counter them and promote our national narrative. Leaving behind all our differences and diversities, collectively we promote unity, and harmony among all segments of the society, irrespective of our ethnicity, religious factions, or regional groupings, etc.

The youth are our assets, our future and the country consists of approximately 70% population as youth under the age of 40. We must involve our youth in national policies and decision-making processes. We must train our youth to take responsibility and face the challenges of the coming days.

There is a dire need to introduce comprehensive reforms in our educational system, to produce true Muslims and good Pakistanis. Although reforms are required in all sectors the most effective one should be prioritized in the educational sector first.

The recent example of the Afghan debacle, were bare-footed, empty-stomach, and poorly equipped Taliban,  forced 57 countries (US, NATO, 46-Allies and 11-supporting countries, which includes Israel and India too). The Heavily equipped Afghan National Army (ANA), American-Trained, equipped with most modern weapons, latest technologies, and military gadgets, yet have to surrender because there was no public support. It is a lesson for us, that as long as, Armed forces and civilians are on the same page, supporting each other, and integrated with one vision and one mission, that is defense of Pakistan, no power in the world can defeat Pakistan or harm Pakistan.

In the last four decades, by evil designs, Pakistan was radicalized, intolerance, extremism, and terrorism were promoted. Foreign intelligence agencies established bases in Pakistan and divided the nation. They picked the disgruntled, and destitute Pakistanis, trained them, equipped them, flooded them with dollars, and used them against Pakistan. They aimed to explode Pakistan internally. We must awaken, and should not be exploited by our enemies. Open eyes, be vigilant, and fight against all evils. Allah will be with you.

Efforts were made by our adversaries to coerce Pakistan with military power but failed, they tried to coerce Pakistan economically, but we sustained, they imposed hybrid war on us, but we resisted and countered. They are trying to malign our Armed forces and creating a gap between civilian and military, Trust, they will never succeed.

Despite our ethnic, regional, religious diversity, we are united against all enemies, either internal or external, to defend our beloved country, Pakistan.  Unitedly and collectively, we ensure the defense of Pakistan is unchallengeable. Pakistan Zindabad.

Author:  Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Editor, Analyst, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. (E-mail: [email protected]).