International, Domestic Flight Schedule Disrupted After Rains, Caa Says


KARACHI : After the heavy rains lashed parts of Sindh with Jinnah Terminal amongst Karachi regions to receive heaviest rains, the flights arriving and departing both have suffered disruption of schedule.

Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed the flights scheduled to fly today have been delayed due to heavy rains while those arriving in the city have suffered difficulties in the landing.

CAA has circulated an alert across all airports of Pakistan that only after the weather has stabilized that the flight operation will fully restore.

All international and domestic flights will see or have seen two- to -four-hour delays, CAA said.

The notification has been sent to all the airlines, including Pakistan International Airlines, private local airlines and international ones, too. All the planes are to be parked in a safe space, CAA cautioned airlines.

Relevant to note that the monsoon spell currently spanning over Sindh will have intermittent heavy rains continuing for hours on Friday due to an activated storm cell in the atmosphere, Pakistan Meteorological Department said.

The series of episodic rains will continue across Sindh due to the active storm cell in the system, the Met Office said.

Some Karachi areas will receive light to moderate showers while some will get heavy pours, said the Met officials.