Afghan leadership must work together in current situation


The premier’s comments came during a meeting with a delegation of political leaders from Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: “Great responsibility” rests on the Afghan leaders to work constructively together to lead Afghanistan on the path of sustainable peace, stability, and development, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Tuesday after the Taliban took over the country in a 10-day lightning offensive.

The premier’s comments came during a meeting with a delegation of political leaders from Afghanistan, a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said.

“No other country is more desirous of peace and stability in Afghanistan than Pakistan,” the premier told the delegation.

PM Imran Khan expressed strong support and solidarity for the fraternal people of Afghanistan, linked to the people of Pakistan through immutable bonds of faith, history, geography, culture and kinship, the statement said.

Pakistan has also made it clear that although it welcomes the “peaceful” transfer of power in Afghanistan, it will not take a unilateral decision to recognise the Taliban government, the statement underscored.

The prime minister also highlighted the importance of all sides working to secure an inclusive political solution.

Reaffirming Pakistan’s commitment to a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, PM Imran Khan assured the delegation of Pakistan’s steadfast support for efforts in this direction.

The delegation members thanked the prime minister for his hospitality and appreciated Pakistan’s support for the peace efforts, the statement said.

“They emphasised the multi-ethnic nature of Afghan society and the importance of an inclusive dispensation,” it said, adding that the delegation reiterated the desire to further strengthen the brotherly relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan.