Numerous steps taken for development of Balochistan: PM


LESBAILA: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government has taken numerous steps for the development of Balochistan as it is linked with the progress of Pakistan.

Inaugurating tree-plantation at sonmiani beach in Lesbaila this evening, he said around one trillion rupees have been allocated for the development of Balochistan, which is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that the government is devising a plan to tap natural resources of the province that could be utilized for the prosperity of the local people. He regretted that the previous governments paid a deaf ear to the development of Balochistan. He said steps will be taken to promote tourism along the coastal line from Lesbaila to Gwadar. He urged the locals to overwhelmingly support government’s a forestation efforts and to protect the existing tree cover of the country so that adverse impacts of the climate change can be averted.