‘Rule of law, justice shape societies’


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said societies were shaped by the  of law with prevalent moral values and ethics, whereas justice was the criterion which ‘differentiated between a civilized society and a banana republic’.

Addressing a book launching ceremony of analyst, writer and researcher Ikram Sehgal titled ‘A personal chronicle of Pakistan’, the prime minister said a society rose when governed by equal sets of law for the privileged and the poor classes.

“The human society is shaped by rule of law,” he said. Contrary to it, the past ruling elite in Pakistan had plundered the country, he added.

He said (in apparent reference to former rulers Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari) two corrupt families did the grave injustice with the country as they made the corruption acceptable to the society.

The prime minister, terming his constant struggle against corruption and injustices as ‘Jihad’, said they were creating awareness among the masses about ‘the biggest cancer’.

He said in the developed countries, the society fought the evils on its own and the corrupt elements were ostracized.

Imran Khan said he came to politics to fight and wage struggle against social evils.

Quoting Molana Romi, the prime minister said a society’s downfall started when its morality was collapsed, followed by financial and economic downfall.

Referring to his cricket experience, he said there were two types of players in game, the one who played for himself and the other who thought of the whole team. The former always earned esteem and respect.