Three dead as rivals clash over water in Qambar


QAMBAR, Aug 01 (DNA): Three people including a man and his son died on Sunday as a result of firing between two clans over the issue of irrigation water in Lalu Raink area of Qambar, Sindh.

Reportedly, a scuffle broke out between two groups of Bohar and Chandio clans in Lalu Raink area of Qambar on the matter of irrigation water.

As the argument heated, the two groups opened fire at each other. Resultantly, three people including a father and his son were killed on the spot.

Among the deceased included a member of Chandio group, Habdar Chandio and from Bohar group Fida Bohar and his son were killed. Two members of Chandio group sustained injuries during the shootout.

After the incident, MPA Burhan Khan Chandio reached the venue to cool things down.